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How to apply for your driving licence

These pages include extracts from the DVLA's D100 leaflet called "What you need to know about driving licences". You can download the original document by following this link.
This leaflet and these pages gives general information. It is not a statement of law.
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information reproduced is correct, Select All cannot not be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

If you have not held a driving licence before you must fill in:

a form D1 if you are applying for an ordinary driving licence; or

a form D2 if you applying for a licence to drive a large goods vehicle (LGV) or passenger-carrying vehicle (PCV). (You may also need to fill in a D4 Medical Report form if you are applying for an LGV or PCV licence. You can download this form from the ‘medical rules for drivers’ section of the website at or get a copy from any DVLA local office).

You can order forms D1 and D2, with guidance notes INF1D or INF2D, from . Form D1 and guidance notes INF1D are also available from us, Post Office® branches, Traffic Area Offices and any DVLA local office. Form D2 is available from us, Traffic Area Offices and any DVLA local office.

Use forms D1 (ordinary licence), D2 (LGV or PCV) to do the following.

Get a:

– provisional licence;

– full licence;

– replacement (copy) licence (see page 9);

– new licence after losing it for health reasons; and

– new licence after being disqualified (banned) from driving.

Renew your licence.

Remove out-of-date endorsements or details of suspensions.

Exchange your GB licence or a Northern Ireland or non-GB licence (see page 9).

You can get details of fees from the website at , at Post Office® branches, from DVLA local offices, by phoning us on 0870 240 0009 (8am to 8.30pm, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm on Saturdays), or by fax on 0870 2401651.